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SCBWI Novel Revision Retreat

I’m off to a novel revision retreat hosted by the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. This is amazing for several reasons.

1. My darling husband agreed to watch the kids for 2 nights without me (a small miracle). Thank you, honey!

2. I somehow scraped together enough money for the retreat fee (sometimes, if you’re serious about your work, you gotta spend some dough).

3. I’ll get to hang out for two days with about 20 other writers who want to improve their work and publish.

4. I’ll get to work with the Executive Editor of Delacourte Press and with author Tracy Barrett, author of young adult books based on ancient mythology.

5. My 8 year old did not scream or cry or whine even once about my leaving for so long (thank you, Maggie).

I haven’t been to anything like this since my days in grad school so many years ago at Syracuse University. It’s about time! I’m steeling myself for some blunt honest criticism of my novel. Gearing up for months of revision too.

Day job, eat your heart out!