Award-winning Writer of Poetry and Fiction




SUN AND BONE is a YA psychological thriller with romantic elements complete at 80,000 words. Told in two voices, it’s Gated meets The Butterfly Clues with a dash of Eleanor and Park.

The oldest of five children, sixteen-year-old Eve Thomas has no desire to leave Nova Vita, the nature-worshipping religious sect where she was born. Except for the OCD linked to her eidetic memory, life in her rural Virginia home is paradise.

But when her little brother contracts a genetic illness the sect won’t treat, Eve questions her religion’s refusal of the modern world. While using an off-limits computer to research her brother’s illness, she’s approached by one of the sect’s migrant farm workers, a resourceful eighteen-year-old named Mana Aquino.

Mana suspects the sect’s leader, Bishop Samsun Conner, may be responsible for his sister’s disappearance years ago. Having heard about Eve’s crisis, he offers to sneak medicine to her brother if she’ll find, memorize, and draw the schematics for the Bishop’s latest invention—a revolutionary solar generator. With the coveted schematics in hand, Mana will force the Bishop to tell the truth about his sister.

If Eve accepts Mana’s offer, she’ll deceive the people she loves to expose a crime that could destroy her home. If she refuses, her beloved brother’s as good as dead.

I hold an MA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University, won the Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award, and have published several reviews of children’s books in The NY Times.

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